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Lionel Osmin – Madiran ‘Mon Adour’ 2019


Herkomst Frankrijk

Jaargang 2016

Type rood

Streek Zuid-Westen

Domein Lionel Osmin

Wijnmaker Damiens Sartori

Inhoud 75cl

Druif 70% Tannat, 20% Cabernet franc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Serveertip Winterse keuken, rood vlees, grillades, de betere bbq, stoofgerechten, wild, duif, Franse keuken,…

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Lionel Osmin: rode, zwarte en briljante kleur in het glas. Aroma’s van rood en zwart fruit met een toets van mokka. Geconcentreerde en krachtige aanzet met een zachte, langdurige afdronk.

De druiven voor deze Cuvée worden zowel hand- als machinaal geoogst. De druiven worden apart gefermenteerd. Alcoholische fermentatie onder temperatuurcontrole gedurende 3 weken.  Malolactische fermentatie van de 3 samengevoegde wijnen in stalen tanks gedurende 10 maanden, waarvan 40% van de wijn in eiken vaten.  Botteling is 18 maanden na de oogst.

« My family path was all defined: gold, precious gems, watchmaking…however, I was going to be the family troublemaker…I love the land and the men who make it live …I love wine, smells, scents, taste, conviviality and the thought that willpower alone can deeply change things…
My future was written elsewhere, in the heart of the land and of men…I wanted to become a farmer or a pianist…I tried, I got lost…things went bad…In reality, what I really wanted was to share my enthusiasm…That’s what I want to succeed in…
The rest is an ordinary story…With a farming engineering diploma in my pocket, I was ready to face the world…In fact, within me only lies an incredible desire to achieve…
Without a doubt, I have chosen a difficult path, but I remain so attached to my region of the South West…My aim is to offer only the very best. My ambition is to magnify blends to make high quality wines with their own characteristics…
Wines from the South West are authentic and rare, and we owe them to the vineyards and to men…For me, the South West represents authenticity, another dimension whose originalities magnify enthusiasm…
A new company full of desires…Our only goal is to do things well. Actually, men have been producing wine for 3000 years…As for me, I may only be 35 years old but I am determined to share my South West with you… Moreover, I am not on my own…”Lionel Osmin”, obviously, but “and Co” especially!

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